Anti-Spam Enhancements in XgenPlus
In the business world, a reliable, effective, and robust e-mail system is one of the keys to success. Keeping your e-mail system healthy and efficient is essential to business health, but in recent years, as the volume of unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), or spam, has exploded, this task has become increasingly difficult for IT professionals. We have integrated Sender ID (Sender policy framework - SPF ) into the server to better handel the spams.

Sender ID XgenPlus ver 11 delivers the long-awaited Sender ID filtering technology, which primarily targets forgery of e-mail addresses. The elimination of spoofed mail will immediately cause a significant reduction of mail traffic into the XgenPlus organization. Preliminary data from the internal IT department at some of our customers shows that enabling the Sender ID filter allowed them to achieve an approximately 10 percent net increase in spam capture before mail is transmitted to Xgenplus server additional anti-spam and authorisation processing. Stopping spoofed mail at the gateway is important because the reduction of mail traffic into the Xgenplus organization reduces bandwidth consumption and eliminates the overhead of processing these messages in the internal mail infrastructure.