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About Us

Our Approach

We at Xgenplus believe in the concept of constant Innovation, Growth and Development. We believe that in this swiftly changing world of technology, the only way to succeed is to evolve, and evolve often. That’s the way we approach Xgenplus and this approach has led Xgenplus to be the most advanced Enterprise Email Server available in market. Throughout these years, we have anticipated key growth areas, sailed through technology fads, and constantly had our eyes on what the future has to offer – resulting in a successful product that has fulfilled the email needs of many companies. The vision of Xgenplus is to continue to innovate and be a global leader in the email market-place by being a premium next-generation email platform and to serve the entire spectrum of organizations – from small businesses, to enterprise, to multi-million user data centers – on the same scalable, secure and affordable platform.

17 Years of Experience

With 17 years of Experience, shared vision and hard work we have enhanced Xgenplus from just an Email solution to a Complete Enterprise Email Management Solution catering to all the needs of Unified Communication. None can match the amount of skill that we have invested into making the perfect email platform for you and your users. And with information of great value to you, you can’t settle for anything less. Stability, Dependability, Reliability are then words to live by with Xgenplus

IDN/EAI Compliant Enterprise Email Hosting Server

Approximately 80% of the World’s Population is Non-English Speaking. Xgenplus is an enterprise email server for the global market, supporting millions of users with a unique capability to provide EAI (Email Address Internationalization) i.e Linguistic Email Address like संपर्क@एक्सजेनप्लस.भारत (Email address in Hindi) on Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) . It supports all basic & advanced facilities like pop, imap, webmail, calendar, contacts, SMS, scheduling, security, auto downgrading and more.
XgenPlus allows organization and users to choose the desired email address to be in any language following Unicode standard. Like an Indian Hindi speaking user can choose to have an email in HINDI and user from China may choose to have his email address in the Chinese language Mandarin script.

Perfected with Time

XgenPlus software has distilled from years and years of experience, research and development. It encompasses a sleek and elegant user interface assuring ease of navigation and operability. Each facet of webmail interface has gone through a lot of changes to reach its current form. The result: a Lightweight webmail software with a very Effective User Interface with easy interoperability and ease of use.

We are Available 24/7

Our Engineers and Technicians have extensive experience with every component that an email server consists of & customization to any extent is a piece of cake within our flexible architecture of Xgenplus . Maintenance tasks have been automated and simplified to save your precious time and deliver a robust, bug –free solution and 24/7 support is available to our previewed clients for any queries to be answered.

The Team You Can Trust

Behind this fantastic innovation impacting millions of people globally is lead by Dr. Ajay Data. To know more about team Click here.

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