Chinese Email Address Fully EAI Compliant

(Email Address Internationalization)

Build Your Business Identity in your own language Chinese. Get a professional Chinese email address that shows the world that you mean a business that truly represent your belongings. Data Xgen Technologies is providing a faster and easy availability of Chinese Email address hosted on XgenPlus email server.

The Chinese Email domain has its own importance.

Around 1 billion people of the world population are Chinese speakers. The language is not only spoken in china but also in Taiwan and influential Chinese communities of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Mongolia. The china culture is so rich and prosperous that people do not want to use English and have least sense of English language.
China’s economy stand at the second position in the world. It is the largest trading partner of US. To outreach business with the Non-English speakers in China, the first requirement is to have an email address that truly represent your business roots. You need an email address like that can enable you to send and receive email in Chinese language.
If you do not own such email account that means you are missing more than 35% of the revenue that can come with the emails for branding products. Which means getting email account in Chinese opens the way to get in touch with the one fifth population of the world makes a platform of information and understanding of your products with them, which is crucial for effective communication.
Xgenplus, is providing a huge opportunity to reinforce your business identity in the Chinese world. Xgenplus email server provides you the secured IDN complaint Enterprise class email solution that is fully customized. The service is available on mobile, web browser and tablets and email clients. The user can have access of Chinese email address on XgenPlus Web mail, Outlook 2010 and above, XgenPlus Mail App for iphone and Android.

Example of Chinese email address provided by XgenPlus

Example of Chinese Email Address (中文电子邮件地址示例)


  • 一个@阿育王。印度
  • 马尼什@阿育王。印度
  • 普里@阿育王。印度
  • 尼廷@阿育王。印度

How To Get Chinese Email Address

To get Chinese Email Address fill up the contact us form on the right side of the page and send us your query. We don’t mind if it is in Chinese..
If you want to get free Chinese email address you can download datamail app and create your email address in Chinese



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