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Email Marketing Tool

Create Bulk email

xgenWant to send New Year Wishes/product launch emails to your customers? Simple, compose a mail in XGen Plus and send it to GROUP. XGenPlus will deliver email to individual addressed as TO to the recipient and track the response.

Send personalized Bulk Mail

Grab user’s attention by sending personalized bulk emails. XGenPlus will automatically replace <Name> tag with the user’s first name, thus, sending personalized greeting in the email & increasing the chances of receiving positive response of your email.

Get Delivery Report

xgenTracking report for your group mail is just a click away. Click on the delivery report link received in your mailbox and monitor the status of your group mail.

View Delivery report

xgenView Delivered, Pending, Bounced, read, Replied Unsubscribed counts in delivery report. Click on the link for detailed report for these counts.

Track emails based on IP

Leave your worries with range of IP addresses dedicated solely to deliver your bulk email. Try IP Tracking to view the emails delivered by each IP address.

Domain track your emails

xgenNeed to know how many emails belong to each domain in your bulk mail? What about the status of all emails belonging to one domain? Try Domain Tracking for all such details.

Search for individual email Id

Want to know the status of single email? Don’t remember full email id for search? No worries, carry out full or partial email search and view the status.

Track your emails

xgenWant a better representation of your Group mail counts? View the graphical representation of Delivered, pending and bounced count.

Delivered emails

Want to get the list of email Ids to which the group
mail has been successfully delivered? Click on ‘Delivered’ link from Delivery Status block.

Bounced Mail details

xgenWondering about the reasons for bounced emails? Just click on ‘Bounced’ link from Delivery Status block and get details.

Read emails

Curious about who read your bulk email? Don’t worry, just click on ‘Read’ link from Action Status block and there you go with the complete list.

Unsubscribed emails

xgenWorried about the details of people who have unsubscribed from your mailing list? Get the details by clicking on ‘Unsubscribed’ link from Action Status block. Get the users automatically tagged and moved to ‘Unsubscribe’ group so as to avoid sending them any bulk email in the future.

For more information, please see TBMS.

YouTube Link for TBMS.

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