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Easy Admin Management

Domain Setting

xgenManage Server Admin, Domain Admin, Billing Admin, User Level and Owner Level  Controls along with easy management of multiple domainsand users through single Web Based admin panel. Control space quota, SMS & fax quota, IP address range and other features for each domain.
Read guide on: How to use XgenPlus advanced features.

Set login limits on domain level

xgenEasily manage domain level permissions for users from admin panel. Set Login limits, Authentication & Password policies for users on domain level.

Corporate Branding

xgenWish you could use an email product with your company logos? Implement corporate branding on XGen Plus by adding your company’s logos, address and information page.

Add Bulk users to domain

xgenWorried about manual work required for adding a lot of users to domain? Don\’t worry, add all users to domain on a single click by uploading csv file.

Send Automated Messages

xgenAre you manually sending welcome messages to new users on your domain? How do you inform users when they reach their maximum space quota limit? Just set timed alert messages, welcome messages, notice & Footer messages through admin console and let all such messages go automatically without manual intervention.

Mailing Lists

xgen Create different mailing lists for users inside as well as outside domain. Allow easy subscription/un-subscription to mailing lists. Manage message posting & reply rights for mailing lists.

Shout Box

xgen Need to announce something or send some news to all domain users? Just use Admin shout box and let  your message get automatically displayed in every user\’s mailbox.

Manage Individual User

xgenManage the settings for individual user on domain. Select email services, default mailbox values & email limits for each user individually. Also, view user\’s settings and modify them as required.

Get Audit Details for each user

xgen Need to get detailed report of each user’s activity? View mail transactions to get incoming mail details, outgoing mail details, folder details, last 10 Login IP & audit information for each user individually.

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