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South Korea also known as “Republic of Korea” is a country situated in East Asia. The Korean language is spoken by 80 million people in East Asia, it is the official language of South Korea as well as North Korea. The Korean language incorporates some of the words which are used in the Chinese language. Korean uses an indigenous writing system called Hangul, created in 1446 by King Sejong to provide a convenient alternative to the Classical Chinese Hanja characters that were difficult to learn and did not fit the Korean language well.


We at XgenPlus enterprise email solution are providing professional

Korean email address

for the people of Korea as well as East Asia, Now citizens of Korea can create their email addresses in their own language, and can communicate via email with their own

Korean email address

without any barrier of language.


As Korean is constitutionally recognized official languages of the country this initiative will help to boost education system, Government department, private and public sectors of the nation. Having a email address in Korean language amplify and boost the international functioning and accessibility of the internet by enabling users to have their domain names registered in their own language. Business email hosting in the Korean language will open the path for various business in the country as well as outside the country by reaching the Non English Internet users. The reason behind the development of Korean email address is to completely bridges the digital gap, and to bring the next billion people online.


Example of Korean email address provided by XgenPlus

  • 아시쉬@우편.닷컴 (korean email address format/ korean email address example)

You can create your own email address like the above example


How To Get Korean Email Address

To get Korean Email Address fill up the contact us form on the right side of the page and send us your query. We don’t mind if it is in Korean..
If you want to get free Korean email address you can download datamail app and create your email address in Korean Script

한국어 이메일 주소 구매


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