Last updated on December 24th, 2019 at 10:20 am


Once you installed and configure XgenPlus you can sign in through email address and password, created by administrator. With XgenPlus Sign in can be done through various methods.

Through Email ID & Password

Email ID and password will be provided by administrator to the user after creation of email account. After submission system, will ask if user want to change password. They can do that accordingly as per the requirement. 

Through OTP

If user do not want to login through password, they can just use OTP for sign in their account. For this user need to select “Get OTP” option. After selection user will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on their registered Phone number.

Via App

With this option, you need not to submit any password to login into your account. You can just login via a code that will be generated in your XgenPlus app.

How It Works?

  • Click on Login via App, you will get a window in which you have to submit code that will be generated in your app.

  • Now open your XgenPlus app, and go to the Menu. Select option Web Login.

  • Once you select web login, you will get a screen where you need to select option “Generate Code” to generate code for login via App.

  • After click on this, you will get a code and you can submit this on web for login process.


When you select option Login Via SMS, then you will get a window with some random code. You must send this code from your mobile number to the given number on screen.
Once you send SMS, it will verify and will allow you to login into your account.

How it Works?

  • Click on login Via SMS, you will get a popup window with a code, that you need to SMS on provided number.

  • Once you send SMS from your mobile number, you must click on “I have sent SMS” now it verifies this.

  • If it will verify your number, then it will show list of accounts that you have with the mobile number from which you have sent SMS. So you can select email ID from the list and can login in to the account.

So your account will be logged in securely in a Jiffy without any password.