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Sat Jaipur 17th May 2014 : India’s Largest Telecom Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Has Partnered With Data Ingenious Global Ltd And Launched Xgen Advance Enterprise Email Services For Its All 7.5 Million Subscribers Today In Jaipur. The Event Took Place In Hotel Marriott Jaipur In Which Chief Guest Shri. R.K. Upadhyay (CMD) BSNL, Guest of Honor Sh. Akhil Arora Secretary IT (Gov. of Raj) and Shri. N.K. Gupta – Director (CFA) BSNL in presence of Dr. Ajay Data Founder and CEO Data Ingenious Global Ltd, Shri. A.K. Bhargava CGM Rajasthan, Sh. N K Narang CGM (BBNW) BSNL, media & invited guest clicked the Launch Button and inaugurated the services.

BSNL XGen personal and enterprise e-mail service offers numerous facilities which are not available from other service providers. It will be initially free for the company’s broadband customers across the country and paid for other, BSNL will be competing with other e-mail service providers in the country through this offering. From today onwards, initially all BSNL internal officials users will have the access of the new interface and by 15th June 2014 all 7.5 million BSNL broadband users will get this new advance email service interface. This has made Data Ingenious Global Ltd the country’s largest email service provider. Almost 75 lakh customers of BSNL broadband will be provided this service free, soon after its launch on Saturday and the company targets to associate an additional 25 lakh people by the end of this fiscal. Since the complete services will be offered thru Data Ingenious Global Ltd Jaipur based Data Center, thus it will be a big achievement for IT industry of Rajasthan and state government.


What will BSNL users get now:-
Currently the subscribers having BSNL account, gets traditional normal web, IMAP and POP based 50 MB mail space account. Now after the launch BSNL officials & subscribers using BSNL services and who want to avail hosted email services from BSNL including government, PSU or private institution, will get most advance enterprise class email account with email service space in multiple GB along with advance communication services in email like- chat, fax, SMS, conferencing etc. They key differentiators of Xgen email services will be that it will be totally legally complied email services provided from servers in India, backed up by human based 24×7 call center along with email and chat support. It will have unique features like Image Compression, Multiple Email Compose, Personalized Group Mails, Secured Hidden Attachments, Encryption, Send and Receive emails upto 100 MB, Instant Search, Mail Sharing, Tagging, etc. One of its most powerful features is Rights Management, which empowers the sender to control actions of deleting, forwarding, replying and printing of the e-mail by the recipient. Not just that its virtual storage facilitates to allow files up to one GB to be attached/sent and the user can transmit 5,000 emails per day. While it’s OTP (One Time Password) feature allows the user not to remember the password every time user logs in, its Dual Authentication makes the service most secured for the any user.
All BSNL services subscribers will get the basic email box free which can be upgraded with Advance account with VAS services like mobile app, mobile chat client, fax, SMS, group mail, more advance security, space limit etc can also be taken by consumers by paying nominal charges. Government Depts. , PSU, organizations and even individuals who wish to have emails on their own domain can also host there emails now on BSNL servers and avail the services with very attractive packages. The enterprise account of BSNL email on your domain will now be available at just Rs 999/- per email id, per annum against the competitions like Gmail offering at INR 1500 per id per annum to start with. However those who need fewer features can avail the same in even as low as Rs 199/- per id per year from BSNL.

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BSNL launches locally developed e-mail service- Zee News

Jaipur: State-run BSNL on Saturday launched a locally designed and developed e-mail service — XGen personal and enterprise — in partnership with IT firm Data Ingenious Global Ltd.

“Customers will have a wide range of features in the new service,” said BSNL CMD R K Upadhyay at the launch here.
The servers will be offered through the data centre of Data Ingenious Global Ltd in Jaipur, he added.

All the 7.5 million BSNL broadband subscribers across the country would be able to avail the service.

They will get the basic e-mail box free which can be upgraded with advance account with services such as mobile app, mobile chat client, fax, SMS, group mail, advanced security and space limit by paying charges.

The CMD said the modernisation of BSNL telephone exchanges as well as expansion of GSM service was expected to be completed by the end of the current fiscal.

Ajay Data, CEO, Data Ingenious Global Ltd, said there are more than 100 new features in its e-mail service.

“One of its most powerful features is Rights Management, which empowers the sender to control actions of deleting, forwarding, replying and printing of the e-mail by the recipient,” Data said.

The users can also send SMS and e-mails in advance to people to whom it will be delivered at the desired time only.
Its virtual storage facility will allow files up to one GB to be attached/sent and the user can transmit 5,000 emails per day.

One Time Password, dual authentication for advanced security, image compression, multiple e-mail compose, personalised group e-mail, secured hidden attachments and encryption are among other prominent features, he said, adding that the project has made the company the country’s largest e-mail service provider.

From today get your mails in BSNL's XGen- Indiapublicsector

MOVE over Gmail or Yahoo. Here comes BSNL XGen. Having problem every time you try to log in to your e-mail account? No longer so as state-run telecom major BSNL is all set to introduce a locally…
developed and designed e-mail service from today. Now, BSNL will emerge the country’s largest email service provider.
If you are a BSNL customer, you can access the e-mail service developed by Jaipur-based IT company Data Ingenious Global Ltd. BSNL XGen personal and enterprise e-mail service will be initially free for the company’s broadband customers across the country and paid for other. The cash-strapped service provider will be competing with other e-mail service providers in the country through this offering which is going to be introduced on May 17.
The service offers numerous facilities which are not available from other service providers at present, says an agency report quoting a top Data Ingenious Global Ltd official.
The Rights Management feature empowers the sender to control actions of deleting, forwarding, replying and printing of the e-mail by the recipient.
You can also send SMSs and emails in advance to your friends and the same will be delivered at the desired time.
The messages will be stored on servers. Not only that. The virtual storage facility will allow you files up to one GB to be attached or sent. You can send 5,000 emails per day. Sound great!
You need not remember your password every time you log in. Its OTP (One Time Password) feature is quite interesting as the Dual Authentication makes the service most secured for the user.
Almost 75 lakh customers of BSNL broadband will be provided the service free soon after its launch on Saturday and the company targets to associate an additional 25 lakh people by the end of this fiscal.

Written by Faiz Askari, Editor, Small Enterprise

Eye Opener on Office Communication: Redefining Emails

Written by Faiz Askari, Editor, Small Enterprise

In today’s scenario, emails are considered to part of life. Businesses are running on emails. And in a study it is found that a typical entrepreneur usually spent more than three hours on checking emails. Having said this, a growing SME must have to look at email as an important component of their day to day business activity. Focusing only on offering specialized email solutions, Ajay Data, founder of Bharat Berry interacted exclusively with SmallEnterpriseIndia(dot)com and emphasized on the needs of advanced office communications. Through the set of features, we deliver performance, time saving, easy admin, and advanced communication and sharing features which are kind of ‘must have’ for the organizations.

Excerpts from the interview:

Office Communications play vital role in the business operations. What is the status of this form of communications among SMEs?
Role of emails, in today`s business scenario is very crucial and without email doing business is impossible. SMEs are using email as primary communication medium and have moved away from faxes and traditional postal mail to large extent. Email not only proves to be cost effective but also fast, easy and reliable.

Emails are increasingly accessed on multiple devices and are increasingly becoming more sensitive for successful business operations. What is your take on it?
Yes, access of email ‘anytime, anywhere’ is now possible helping everyone to remain connected to the offices/home and friends. Even if you are flying or enjoying on beach you are connected to your email systems, giving you sense of comfort of not missing something very important while you are away from office.

Please elaborate the USP of your email server? How is your product targets the SME environment?
Xgen email server software has now 11 years of experience built into it, addressing almost every day to day performance enhancing needs of everyone. Today just sending and receiving emails does not work for people, they need guaranteed delivery reports, secured access to their a/c keeping their data safe from competition/hackers, monitoring of logs of email traffic, group personalized email to send out new promotions or new year wishes, support center management through email, sending very large attachments (upto 1 GB), are some of the key elements which are required by organisations.

What are the key challenges that you usually face when you approach an entrepreneur and explains the utilities of an advanced email server for his organization?
Most frequent one is lack of awareness and branding about our solution, which is otherwise better than other competing products. Lots of people do not realise the threats they have around email in their organisation about leaking of data, wrong commitments on email, spying on management emails, misappropriate language to customers are some of them and when we show the features to manage them through Xgen, its an eye-opener for them.

According to you, among SMEs, what is the level of awareness and level of willingness to adopt better technologies?
It is considered to be low awareness but when we meet and demonstrate the capability of our email server, they feel left out and look for improving their business processes through our Xgen email server.

What is the cost of acquiring an email server from X Gen?
Email server may be acquired in multiple ways. First option is – ‘On Premise,’ second option is ‘Hosted’, and third option is ‘SaaS’ model. On Premise — depending upon number of users and offices the solutions needs to be designed and costs accordingly. However for a 10 users organisation it will cost approx Rs. 5000/- a year in hosted model, where he gets all the power he needs in the organisation.

Managing the IT infrastructure is also a challenge among SMEs. What is your take on it?
Companies who do not want to take the burden of deploying IT infrastructure and managing it, we have two solutions for them.
1) Hosted solution in our Data Center
2) Software / Infra deployed in their premise and managed by us.
Depending upon the requirement SME can choose or we can help them to best solution available for them.

Which are segments that are active in your target business category and which are the promising segment for you?
Companies which are dependent on email in large extent for day to day business. However, we have call centers, hosting companies, companies with multiple offices, hospitals, jewelers, transport companies, education institutes, Govt departments and banks as our customer.

What expectation do you have from the SME market in next 12 to 18 months?

SME is the market for future and we see the biggest growth in that segment. We are already seeing growth in that market segment and number of inquiries increasing every week and hence we see that this number is increasing in next one year.

XGen Launches Version 12 for Indian and Global Markets on August 1, 2011

XGen, world’s most advanced e-mail server launches XGen Version 12 for Indian and Global markets on August 1, 2011. The advanced e-mail server has come-up with an in-built assignment module called Automated Inward Routing (AIR).

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

chooses Xgen Messaging Solution for Defense Department, Govt. of India and Xgen gets deployed by Data Ingenious Global Ltd team.

Xgen email server is now offered integrated with public private key infrastructure

Published: 23rd Aaugust 2009
Xgen has integrated implementation of OpenPGP and offers most secured webmail (Web 2.0 enabled) in the world. Users need not to download any client software on their desktop, hence they can send and receive encrypted emails from anywhere and decrypt it through web interface.

Protect Your Email Address Online

Protect Your Email Address Online
Published: 2nd November 2006

Jmail by is recommend and provides you privacyMany spammers operate “bots”: autonomous software robots that “crawl” the Web looking for email addresses. If you post your email address publicly anywhere online (on a website, a discussion forum, on USENET, in a guestbook etc.) then sooner or later it will be found by one of these bots and will then get added to a spam mailing list. These harvested email addresses are commonly bundled by the millions onto CDs, which spammers then use to send out their unwanted messages.


  • Don’t post your email address in “plain” form anywhere on the Web. Instead, you can disguise your email address by writing it in a convoluted way so that humans can still read it, but bots can’t. For example, instead of writing “”, use “john AT example DOT com”.
  • Keep a “private” email address which you share only with close friends and family. Never use this private email address on any site. Jmail by is recommend and provides you privacy.
  • Obfuscate your email address before posting it on your website by using the email address encoding tool.
  • Use a feedback form on your website instead of providing a contact email address.

Choose a Non-Obvious Email AddressSome spammers find email addresses by generating likely combinations using automated tools. For example, they may generate a list like,, and so on. They also make use of word lists and lists of first names and surnames to generate likely email addresses.

Of course, most of the email addresses generated automatically using these techniques won’t actually exist, but spammers don’t care since email is so cheap to send out.ADVICE:

    • Choose a relatively long email address (8+ characters)
  • Never sign up for an email address which is the same as your first name or last name ( Instead, add your initials and some numbers (e.g.

How to Switch from yahoo to your domain email

How to Switch from yahoo to your domain email
Published: 25th August 2006

Remind friends who send messages to your Old yahoo Email Address that you’ve made the switch to more powerful and personalised email..

Include your new yourdomain address in your Yahoo Mail signature, and customize your reply-to address. You can also set up an automatic reply that includes your own domain email address so everyone who sends mail to your Old mail addresses knows how to get in touch with you.

 Customizing your signature
Log in to your Old Mail account.
Click ‘Options / Settings .’
Look for ‘Signature.’
Enter the text you’d like to show below each message you send, and be sure to include your New address.’
Select check box
Click ‘Save.’
 Changing your reply-to address
Log in to your Old Yahoo! Mail account.
Click ‘Options.’
Click ‘General Preferences.’
Enter your New address in the ‘Reply to:’ field.
Click ‘Save.’
 Setting up a vacation response
Log in to your Yahoo! Mail account.
Click ‘Options.’
Click ‘Vacation Response,’ and enter your message in the ‘Generic Response’ text field. Don’t forget to include your new New address!
Click ‘Turn Auto-Response On.’

Advantages of domain based (Personalized) Email accounts

Advantages of domain based (Personalized) Email accounts Over Free Email Accounts

MSN Hotmail, Rediff, Sify, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and similar types of widely-used (and free) e-mail accounts are popular and easy to set up. However, despite their popularity, such e-mail accounts present their users with a number of inconveniences; inconveniences that can be avoided with our robust, versatile and richly featured personalized e-mail accounts..

Users of MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and similar types of e-mail accounts may have to deal with any of the following types of inconveniences and annoyances:

  • With mass-market e-mail accounts, including MSN Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail users share their e-mail domains (e.g., “,” “,” or “”) with millions of other users, which makes it impossible to create a truly unique e-mail identity for you and/or your business.

  • Users of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc. are frequently being pestered with unwanted and intrusive on-page advertisements. Ad placement is one of the main reasons that these providers can offer their services for free.

  • Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail users are more likely than most other e-mail users to be blitzed with electronic spam. 

  • Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail networks are prone to attacks by phishers, pharmers, hackers, crackers and other cyber crooks who attempt to steal sensitive information or plant e-mail worms, Trojan Horses and other malware.

  • Online merchants might refuse your order. Much Internet fraud the vast majority, in fact  is associated with mass-market e-mail accounts, such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Some merchants simply refuse to accept orders that originate from them.

  • You might lose your account if you do not use it within a certain time.Sure, that is not a big deal if you use it only for casual, occasional contacts. But it is crucial if you used it to register at Web sites, for example. If there are problems with your account and your e-mail address is expired, you�re out of luck.

  • It is next to impossible to get an e-mail address that is easily useable, let alone memorable. Because of the large amount of users that share these domains, the risk of selecting an e-mail address that is already taken is very high. There are simply too many variations in circulation. In many cases, users are forced to find an alternative address as addresses like “,” “,” or “” may well be unavailable.

  • Some of these e-mail accounts may include unwanted advertising insertions in your outgoing e-mail. Do you really want to be advertising an e-mail provider�s promotions when you are applying for a job, or registering a complaint, or communicating with friends

  • Because users of Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts share their Internet domains with millions of other users across the Web, they run the risk of having their e-mail addresses accidentally blacklisted by recipients that decide to block entire domains from their inboxes, rather than just specific e-mail addresses. Such blanket blacklistings thus may hurt users that aren�t guilty of spamming or any other netiquette breaches.

India Domain Name Registration Services | Book your Indian Domain Name today

The Best Alternative

The best alternative to the inconveniences of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and similar e-mail accounts is to sign up for one of our personalized e-mail accounts, which allow you to pick the exact e-mail address you want, including your own personal domain name that you may use for your Web site, as well as your e-mail account. All of our e-mail accounts are 100 percent ad-free and include generous disk space, Webmail access, as well as state-of-the-art anti-spam and anti-phishing technology.

A personalized e-mail account enables you to create your very own, instantly recognizable e-mail address  e.g., “” As well, if you sign up for a multi-mailbox e-mail account, you will be able to create multiple e-mail addresses for your domain name. If you are running an e-business  or any other type of business, personalized e-mail accounts allow you to use your company name as your e-mail domain, which allows customers, business partners and other recipients to immediately recognize your incoming e-mail messages� origin. The generic “,” “” and “” domains do not provide e-mail senders and recipients with this convenience.

A personalized e-mail account further ensures that no one will mistakenly put you on their e-mail blacklists as part of blanket blacklistings of entire domains. Thus: You are unlikely to be blacklisted unless you actually do distribute spam or have made yourself or your communication unwanted somehow. In short, a personalized e-mail account unlike the free accounts offered by MSN, Yahoo!, et al  allows you build a distinctive, unique Web presence for yourself or your business. As well, a personalized e-mail account will shield you from the spam barrages Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail users are forced to live with.

So, if you are relying on MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! , Gmail Mail or a similar e-mail account, it�s time to reconsider. We recommend selecting one of our robust, unique, personalized e-mail accounts that work with and promote YOUR domain name.

Anti-Spam Enhancements in Xgen

Anti-Spam Enhancements in Xgen
In the business world, a reliable, effective, androbust e-mail system is one of the keys to success.Keeping your e-mail system healthy and efficient is essential to business health, but in recent years, as the volume of unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), or spam, has exploded, this task has become increasingly difficult for IT professionals. We have integrated Sender ID (Sender policy framework – SPF ) into the server to better handel the spams.

Sender ID Xgen ver 11 delivers the long-awaited Sender ID filtering technology, which primarily targets forgery of e-mail addresses. The elimination of spoofed mail will immediately cause a significant reduction of mail traffic into the Xgen organization. Preliminary data from the internal IT department at some of our customers shows that enabling the Sender ID filter allowed them to achieve an approximately 10 percent net increase in spam capture before mail is transmitted to Xgen server additional anti-spam and authorisation processing. Stopping spoofed mail at the gateway is important because the reduction of mail traffic into the Xgen organization reduces bandwidth consumption and eliminates the overhead of processing these messages in the internal mail infrastructure.

How Sender ID Works, (SPF)

How Sender ID Works, (SPF)

Domain Spoofing | Sender ID filter uses | None validation status | Error status

Sender ID focuses on one of the most common and deceitful practices used by spammers: domain spoofing. The term domain spoofing refers to the use of someone else�s domain name when sending a message. Domain spoofing is part of the larger problem of spoofing, which is the practice of forging a sender�s address on e-mail messages. Domain spoofing can also be used by malicious individuals in phishing scams, which try to lure consumers into disclosing sensitive personal information by pretending the e-mail is from a trusted source, such as a consumer�s bank. Disclosure of such information could lead to identity theft and other online consumer fraud.Sender ID: Its an e-mail authentication protocol that verifies the origin of the e-mail and prevents forged mail from entering an organization.In essence, Spamjadoo using Sender ID framework asks a question: Has this e-mail message been spoofed If the answer is Yes, it has been spoofed, the Spamjadoo rejects the message immediately. If the answer is ? No, we can confirm the sender�s authenticity,? the message is assigned a SPF status and gets accepted for further checking by Spamjadoo.So how does Sender ID work Sender ID functionality relies, in part, on an algorithm that is implemented in the Sender ID filter detects the purported responsible address (PRA). PRA is the e-mail address of the entity that is most recently responsible for injecting a message into the e-mail system. The Sender ID filter determines the actual e-mail domain by locating the first definition of the following RFC2822 message headers in this order:

1. Resent-Sender 2. Resent-From 3. Sender 4. From
If none of these headers is found, the Sender ID filter uses the STMP RFC 2821 MAIL FROM value.
Figure 1 How Sender ID Works
Here are the steps in the Sender ID verification process in Figure 1:
1 A sender sends an e-mail message to the receiver.
2 The receiver�s inbound mail server receives the e-mail message and extracts the PRA.
3 The inbound mail server checks which domain claims to have sent the message, and examines the domain name system (DNS) for the sender policy framework (SPF) record of that domain. These SPF records identify authorized outgoing e-mail servers. The inbound server determines whether the sending e-mail server�s IP address matches any of the IP addresses that are published in the SPF record. For more information about what an SPF record contains and how to create an SPF record.
4 If the IP addresses match, the e-mail message is authenticated and delivered to the receiver. If the IP addresses do not match, the e-mail message fails authentication and is not delivered.

Based on the evaluation of the Sender ID record, every message is handeled at SMTP process itself and appropriate responce is being sent to the sender.The Sender ID status reflects the results of the Sender ID filtering process. The Sender ID status can be one of the following:
1 Pass The IP address for the PRA is in the permitted set in DNS.
2 Neutral Published Sender ID data is explicitly inconclusive.
3 Softfail This value indicates a weaker type of failure. The IP address may not be in the permitted set in DNS.
4 Fail The IP Address is in the not permitted set in DNS.

None validation status
1 None No published data is available

Error status
1 TempError There is a transient error, such as an unavailable DNS server.
2 PermError There is an unrecoverable error, such as an error in the record format.

Top 11 Reasons to Install Xgen

Top 11 Reasons To Deploy Xgen
Published: 15th May 2006

While there are many excellent reasons to install Xgen, these 11 reasons top the list.


Guaranteed Delivery Report:Now you can click on “Delivery Report” on compose page and when the email gets delivered to the receipient email server, you will get a delivery report automatically via email. No responce is required from the user to get the report.


Forward Many:Now you can forward any number of emails to one email id in a formatted manner. The emails are automatically sorted on date and seperated by a line in one email , making all individual emails clearly visible. Try it out this unique feature, not available in other email server


Boost your defenses with Xgen Integration with Spamjadoo:Xgen raises the bar in the antispam war. The latest Xgen integation with patented technology of antispam , incorporates checks against phishing scams and domain spoofing tactics. The server also protects from Directory Harvest Attacks and user latest technologies like SPF, DNSBL to remove unwanted traffic.


Support larger mailboxes with the raised storage limit in Standard Edition:Xgen can now accommodate your users� demands for larger mailboxes. In ver 11 storage limits have for each user has been tested upto 10 GB.


Simplify public folder administration: If your company uses public folders, Xgen brings a new folder sharing technique without having to administer it by administrator.


Get your e-mail faster when on the go:Additional data compression through GZIP reduces synchronization bandwidth and latency giving you a faster experience when sending and receiving messages over mobile devices.


Access mails wirelessly:Looking up emails stored on Xgen makes it easier to conduct business when out of the office.


Pinboard / shortcuts:If you want to take action on any particular email later, just click on [+] near to the subject and a shortcut will get created and a link for shortcut will be also displayed to retrieve that email directly. This feature will save lots of time to search a email and also helps you to remind to take action. Very very cool? is’t it ?


Migrate with peace of mind with fully supported tools to move from GroupWise:
Get the Migration tool for Novell GroupWise, Qmail, Atmail and Exchange.


POP and SMTP Performace has been improved and tested upto 20000 emails per minute on pop server and 2000 emails per miniutes on SMTP server on a Single XEON CPU with 1 GB RAM. This gives the more load handeling capacity to the organisation on single server. (saves hardware investment)

Xgen Webmail has been tested and runs smoothly on Safari (mac) , Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox. Ajax has been used at appropirate functions while creating the webmail , making the interface much faster and making it web 2.0 ready.


Load Balancing :XgenServer combined with XgenSwitch and Spamjadoo is capable to autosearch the user mailbox created from the array of servers and intelligently deliver all future emails directly to that particular server.

POP-Based and IMAP-Based solutions

POP-Based and IMAP-Based solutions

POP-Based and IMAP-Based solutions es
POP-based and IMAP-based solutions are best suited for home and personal use where requirements for data recoverability and security are not high.
POP was designed to support offline mail processing. With POP, normally e-mail messages are removed from the server and put on the local POP client. This places the data management and security responsibility in the hands of the user.

IMAP is better, offering both offline and online access, but like POP, IMAP does not offer advanced collaboration features such as scheduling and group scheduling, and task and contact management.

Xgen also has built-in support for non-desktop clients, such as Web browser clients supporting:
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Compressed HTML (CHTML)
  • SMS and FAX (FOIP)
Xgen also provides synchronization support to Microsoft Windows-based mobile devices / Smartphones etc, while basic POP-based and IMAP-based solutions would need additional server applications to support these clients. Support is included in Xgen for POP and IMAP clients such as Outlook Express as well.

Basic POP and IMAP e-mail systems were never designed to include this broader, richer set of collaborative capabilities, and for most organizations, basic e-mail services are not good enough to meet today?s competitive business environment, which requires greater worker productivity enabled by rich collaboration features.For example, if an organization uses desktop client with an e-mail server other than Xgen and requires group scheduling, organizations would require a separate scheduling application with the servers supporting POP or IMAP infrastructure.

8 Avoidable Email Mistakes

Top 8 Email PracticesHere are eight easily avoidable mistakes you should know about to keep your image and inbox in tip-top shape.


Failing to follow e-mail etiquette. I believe in the old adage, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” There’s no point in belaboring the etiquette issue. We all know we should be polite. But here are a few points to consider:

Don’t write when you’re angry. Wait 24 hours. Calm down. Be reasonable. Have someone else edit your e-mail.

Don’t use sarcasm. You may think you’re clever, but the recipient will be put off.

DON’T USE ALL UPPERCASE! That’s the e-mail equivalent of yelling. Your recipient won’t be appreciative. Go easy on the exclamation marks, too. Overuse dulls their effectiveness.

Use clear subject lines. That will help people decide whether to read the e-mail now or later. We’re all busy. Your correspondent will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Keep it short. If your e-mail is more than two paragraphs, maybe you should use the telephone.

Change the subject line if you change the topic of a thread.

Unless the recipient has previously agreed, don’t forward poems, jokes, virus warnings and other things. You’re just wasting valuable time and bandwidth.



Thinking you are anonymous. If you are sending nasty missives, you might think no one will be able to figure out that the e-mail came from you. After all, you set up a phony Web address. Think again. E-mail contains invisible information about the sender.
That information is in the header. All major e-mail programs can display header information. Here’s how:

In Microsoft Outlook, double click the e-mail. Then click View > Options.

In Microsoft Outlook Express, click the e-mail. Then click File > Properties and select the Details tab.

In Eudora, double click the message. Then click the Blah Blah button.

In Netscape, click the message to open it. Then click View > Message Source to display the header.
In Xgen , Simply click on Headers, and you will be displayed all headers.

The sender’s revealing information is in the sections that begin with “Received:.” There may be several of these, depending on the number of computers the e-mail traversed. The originating computer is in the bottom “Received:.”
That section will have an Internet Protocol (IP) number, such as It can be traced on a number of Web sites. I use Apnic ( The number is probably assigned to the sender’s Internet service provider, rather than the sender. But the ISP will be able to identify the sender using that number. Remember the header if you’re tempted to send an anonymous e-mail. You may be less anonymous than you think.



Sending e-mail to the wrong person. Today’s e-mail programs want to make it easy to send e-mail. This means that when you start typing the address of a recipient to whom you have previously sent mail, the “To:” field may already be populated. Be careful. Always double-check the recipient is the intended one.

In addition, if you’re writing something ugly about Joe Smith, you’ll have Joe’s name on your mind. Don’t send it to him. I once knew an intern at a newspaper who did just that. He didn’t like his supervisor and said so in graphic terms in an e-mail. Then he accidentally sent the e-mail to his supervisor. (The intern kept his position, but the atmosphere was cold, to say the least. And there was no job offer at summer’s end.)



Using one e-mail address for everything. I have four different e-mail addresses: private, public, one I use for online mailing lists, and another for when I go shopping online. These addresses attract mail for those specific areas.

I can have as many as I want, because I host my own e-mail server. But if you are using an Internet service provider, you still can do this. Most providers will give you a half-dozen e-mail accounts. You can also use addresses on the Web for personal accounts. Both Hotmail and Yahoo! are good. You can reach those accounts from anywhere, assuming you have Web access.



Forgetting to check all of your e-mail accounts. Checking all these accounts can be a chore, especially from home. So I use ePrompter (, which can check 16 different password- protected accounts. Best of all, ePrompter is free. There are other programs that will do this for a fee, including Active Email Monitor (



Clicking “Send” too fast. Reread every e-mail before you send it! I actually get e-mails from job applicants with misspellings and missing words. They all go to the same place: the garbage. This is a pet peeve. I’m not going to hire someone who is careless.Even if you’re not looking for a job, you want to be careful. People will judge you subconsciously on mistakes. None of us is perfect. But you can catch 99% of these problems by rereading the text.

And don’t depend on the spell-checker. It will catch misspellings. But if you use “four” instead of “for,” or “your” for “you’re,” it won’t tell you. It also is not likely to catch any missing words in a sentence that you inadvertently failed to include. So take a minute and reread your text. Don’t look like an ignoramus.



Forgetting the attachment. This seems obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received an e-mail with a missing attachment. Since we all do it occasionally, it shouldn’t be a huge deal.

However, if you consistently make this mistake, people (perhaps important people) may think you’re losing your marbles. They might even hesitate to do business with you in the future. When you get ready to send your e-mail, think: “What am I forgetting?”



Using your ISP’s domain and not your own. Make your company look big. If you use a Web account or an ISP’s name for your business, you’re not going to look professional. You can buy a domain name separately for 700-1000 Rs/- per year from a company such as DataInfosys (,. Assuming someone else hasn’t already grabbed it, you can have your company in the domain name.

Let’s say you run The BoolaBoola Co. If you use an ISP’s address, you would have something like But if you buy your own domain name, it could be That’s much more likely to impress your customers.

E-mail is almost like talking. We use it so much that we don’t really think about it. But there are rules and courtesies, just as there are with talking. And there are other considerations involved in communicating by written word only.
Giving them some additional thought could make your e-mail experience more satisfying and your recipients much happier.


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