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Server Side Features

Customize Messages/Alerts/Rules

  • Global Address Book .
  • Facility for fetching external POP mails.
  • Set Message Rules.
  • Automated forwards of mails to local users depending on the fields: ‘To’, ’From’ and ‘Subject’.
  • Give System Messages and Alerts Facility to configure automatic downloading at regular intervals, with specified mail size and option to download.

Promote Your Business/Brand

Last updated on January 21st, 2017 at 12:39 pm

  • Customized / Branded login screen.
  • Integrate Webmail Login with your Website or Intranet.
  • Append your HTML Signature for your emails.

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Admin Control

  • Junk Mails Restriction with Robust Spam Control Protection.
  • No File Size Restriction, for selective users (Top priority Users).
  • Owner Account creation to Activate Monitoring on Employees.
  • Facility to view the Sent and Received mail statistics for the user.
  • Admin Section for Handling and Monitoring and Creating User Accounts.
  • Storage Capacity (Available Up to 1000 MB for each user).
  • Facility to monitor mail-Q and delete unwanted mails from mail-Q, if required.
  • Advanced Mailing List.

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