Last updated on December 6th, 2018 at 08:38 am

Secure Encrypted Email


Want a secured system to protect your emails? Create a public-private key using a public-private key cryptography system and encrypt your emails and files.

Receive Encrypted Emails

xgenWorried about sensitive information in your emails? Secure your emails by encrypting them before sending.  Receive Encrypted emails which others cannot read even after logging into your account.

Digitally sign your emails

Digitally sign all emails and ensure that emails are not modified/altered on the way after sending it up to the destination and verifiable by the recipient.


xgenDo you think your email password has been stolen? Want to see if someone else is logging into your account? Confirm it through IP based security by checking last 10 login IP details and prevent any snooper.

Security Check

Want security details for your mailbox every time you login? Get IP based security details including  last login IP, last unsuccessful login IP, Date & time and intruder detection.

For more information, please see: XgenPlus Security Features

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