Sinhalese Email Address Fully EAI Compliant


Sinhalese natively known as Sinhala is the native language of Sinhalese community of Sri Lanka. Sinhalese is written using the Sinhalese script, which is one of the Brahmic scripts. We at XgenPlus enterprise email solution are providing professional

Sinhalese email address

for the peoples who want to communicate in Sinhalese language language via email. XgenPlus, allows people to have their email address in their own language . XgenPlus is the first of its kind email solution in the world that is fully EAI compliant and fully support incoming and outgoing of emails in the Sinhalese language.


Sinhala is spoken widely by 19 million people in Sri Lanka, and about 16 million of them are native speakers. It is one of the constitutionally identified official languages of Sri Lanka. In business proper communication and interaction between the clients and even with the team is most important and the key mode of communicate is email. Having a

Sinhalese email address will not only

improve the functionality with in an organization but also help in empowering the citizens who are Non English speakers. Now users can have their domain names registered in Non-English languages and business email hosting in Sinhalese language. This will open the door for various business opportunities by reaching the Non English Internet users base The reason behind the development of

Sinhalese email address

is to completely bridges the communication gap.

Example of Sinhalese email address provided by XgenPlus

  • සහාය@දත්තතැපැල.ලංකා
  • ගග@දත්තතැපැල.ලංකා
  • ටෙස්ට්.සිංහල@දත්තතැපැල.ලංකා
  • ටේප්.සිංහල@දත්තතැපැල.ලංකා
  • පරීක්ෂණය@දත්තතැපැල.ලංකා
  • සහාය@දත්තතැපැල.ලංකා
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