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Support Management Tool – Email Ticketing System

View Assignments

View Assignments assigned to you through ‘Assignments’ tab.  Filter assignments, add notes, tags to assignments, reply to the assignments & Close/Re-open them from the same page.

Filter Assignments

Want to see particular set of assignments? Just filter assignments based on Date, Account (Group), ‘Assigned From’ and status of assignments and get the filtered list.

Assign to Other Agents

xgenOverloaded with your assignments? Don’t worry, just select the assignments and move it to another agent’s queue as and when required.

Add reminder for Assignment

xgenWant to put a reminder for assignment to be completed at a later stage? No problem, just add reminder to it and get reminder pop-up for that assignment at the desired time.

View Assignment History

Want to see the actions taken on one particular assignment? Simple, view history of any assignment and track the addition of notes, tags and work done on assignments.

Add Tags to Assignments

Add tags to assignments and allow easy search of assignments at a later stage. Also, filter the assignments based on tags and easily get the list of similar assignments.

Close/Re-open Assignments

xgenClose open assignments after completing work on them as well as re-open any closed assignment for further re-work as and when required.

Add Notes to Assignments

Want to add your inputs or note for a particular assignment? Don’t worry, add as many notes as you want to assignments & refer to the notes for easy reference any time at a later stage.

Admin Report

xgenMonitor assignments status & load distribution through ‘Report’ tab. Get the report of pending work for all agents & monitor the collective as well as individual performance of all agents.

For more information, please see XGenPlus AIR

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