We Telone Zimbabwe a Telecommunication parastatal company owned by Zimbabwe Government largest telecom entity in Zimbabwe and second largest fixed line network provider in Southern Africa headquarters in Harare's Central Business District is using Data Ingenious Global Limited Public Key infrastructure and Encryption email users.

We are very happy with the services and support provided to us by them and we wish them very best for all their future endeavors

Initial Mlambo, Head of Information System, Telone

Data Ingenious Global Limited has successfully installed Xgenplus Enterprise Email and Spamjadoo Antispam services and completed the work. The performance features and the entire solution provided by Data Ingenious Global Limited is excellent along with the outstanding support by their team.

Vikas Narula, Au Financiers Limited

The software application Xgenplus was customized and provided with related application nad is successfully installed and commissioned in Rasjasthan State Data Center, Jaipur.

M/S Data Ingenious Global Limited is also executing onsite management, tuning, troubleshooting, monitoring and reporting as per Scope of Work of contract. Service under the SoW of M/S Data Ingenious Global Limited are in operation & maintenance phase.

We confirm and certify that the work executed with our satisfaction and expectations.

Vijay Prakash, ACP Deputy Director RISL

This is to certify that Rajasthan Police has implemented Xgenplus Email Server Software for official use. The Software is deployed on the servers of the department. The Software has been integrated with features which are unique. The Software can indeed be a big enabler for Police department. The Xgenplus team has been providing excellent support to department.

I wish the Xgenplus team great success in all its endeavor.

Kapil Garg, Additional Director General of Police

M/S Data Ingenious Global Limited has supplied Xgenplus email software and Spamjadoo Antivirus & Antispam software license on perpetual server license basis, which has been successfully configured installed in our network at our premises on our domain name www.brbnmpl.co.in & the email services for all email users have been successfully activated without any downtime in our network.

The performance of the entire solution is satisfactory. The training & support is also been provided to us by DIL team at out location. We thank DIL team & management for their prompt support

Pavani Sivakumar, Asst. General Manager, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Limited