I saw the article on XGEN in teh linuxforyou magazine of october 2005 issue. I am very happy to note that a comapny based out of Rajasthan can make such a product. Congratulations to the team. Its very very good work , keep it up.
Prashant wrote: on MSN Spaces

Linux for you has reviewed and put thier comments as below. LFY Review (www.linuxforu.com) "XGEN has been extensively used in EFY. It turned out to be a very smart emailing solution. It has such a wide array of features, and ones that are needed in almost every firm - that after working with XGEN one starts wondering - how were we using tools that did not support the same feature set ! "

AJAY DATA wrote: on MSN Spaces
Hi Im an MBA student and am using xgen. its really good and easy to use and also makes my work alot simpler. I can store ample information in the storage folders as well as make big attachements (university reports) to my mails. Sms is also just a click away and can easliy commnicate with my friends since messengers are not available at the university labs. It also fliters all that junk mail which use to spoil my space in my mailing account. Its simply the best mailing account i've ever used.
Ritika wrote: on MSN Spaces
If you have not used XGen, you certainly have missed using the most powerpacked email solution. So far (on communication front at the least) I have not seen any feature, which this application is not catering; though, I can easily point out numerous features missing in the most widely used solutions. It is a matter of pride to have been actively involved in its development cycle. I would say you need to try it once to understand how much you have been missing.
Pankaj Sharma wrote: on MSN Spaces
It’s really nice (cool interface), simple (very user friendly), most robust (protection from Viruses & SPAM) and many more. If you really do faith on comments than you should not waste your time in thinking about this mail service. Go.. Get it, try it than feel the real differences. I will say just “Dikhave per mat jaoo aapni akal ladaoo.” So try it your-self.
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