As a broadband provider and hosted services provider, we need anti-spam protection and email services which are simple to use for both our clients and our staff. With Xgen, we have this and more. With Xgen and Data Infosystems, we can now offer start-up ISP's a complete, email and anti-spam platform which has a totally customized feel for that ISP. Our staff and clients love the interfaces and the support that we receive from DI is great.
Steven Sugg wrote: on MSN Spaces
an Antispam product which i was really looking to offer my customers ,,, is in my eye now...
Bill wrote: on MSN Spaces
I 've not seen any mail server on the market that matches the features of xgen and its anti-spam
Iru wrote: on MSN Spaces
We help you to look beyond the initial costs of purchase to the long-term costs of ownership and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure you are getting the best return on investment possible.
Matt on MSN Spaces
"Emailing for us at Authbridge is a mission critical business process due to the nature of our business. It gets complicated further due to the sheer number of emails and size of data we transact everyday. We were swarmed with issues like data loss, complete email loss, lack of scalability and many others till we switched to Xgen. Xgen has been a breath of fresh air for us. First of all the product is very robust and is easily able to handle our high email traffic without any issues at all. Secondly, it has various features that have improved our business efficiency by atleast 10-20% in the last one year only. Last and not the least, Data Ingenious Global Limited team has worked closely with us as a partner all this while rather than a conventional vendor. They took our issues as a challenge and we have been very impressed with their attitude and service promptness."
Ajay Trehan, Authbridge, 1st July 2011