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Thai is the official language of Kingdom of Thailand and it is also the native language of Thai community as well as broad majority of Thai Chinese. Thai words are acquired from Pali, Sanskrit, Mon and old khmer. Thai script is derived from the khmer script, which is modeled after the Brahmic script from the Indic family. Thai language is spoken by over 20 million people.


We all know the importance of communication and interaction in business with the clients is very important. The only reliable way for communication in an organization is through emails. Having a

Thai email address

boost the functionality of the internet by allowing users to have their domain names registered in Thai language and business email hosting in

Thai email address

Thai email address will open the door for various business opportunities by reaching the Non English Internet users.


Xgenplus linguistic email solution is the first company too provide email address service in Thai script. So by our linguistic email address population of Thailand can communicate in there own language via email.


Examples of Thai email address

  • สนับสนุน@ดาต้าเมล.ไทย
mail datamail in th

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