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Unified Collaboration

Manage Calendars & Meeting Invitations

xgenXGen Plus allows you to schedule & manage events and meetings. Plan one-time & recurring meetings and set reminders for them. Send the reminder as text message on user’s mobile number. Also, see participant status giving details of accepted, declined and waiting participants.

Resource Planning & Scheduling

With XGen Plus, Manage meetings and invite other people to the meetings. Apart from this, manage resources like conference rooms, projectors and company cars. Resource window also shows their availability time (based on pre-booked meetings & events).

Share Calendars

xgenShare your calendars with other users all across the domain to see their availability before setting the meeting.

Schedule Tasks

xgenSchedule tasks for future and even set the reminder action for tasks. You will be automatically reminded of the task at scheduled time without any manual intervention. Set reminders to be sent as SMS on your mobile.

Shared folders

xgenNeed to share daily-report/project/other emails with other users? Don’t want to forward emails every time for sharing? Don’t worry, just share the folder with other users and even control user’s rights on folder emails.
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