Last updated on September 11th, 2019 at 10:13 am

Xgen Say

A Secure & Reliable Audio/ Video Calling App For Every Organization

Amazing way to talk with your office colleagues anytime anywhere . Xgen Say allows users to initiate and experience a Secure communication with Teammates through E-mail address.

Xgen Say is one of the most Flexible communication technology introduced by Data Xgen Technologies. It is designed to communicate with team members, customer, vendor and Management without any phone number. User can login to Xgen Say by using their email ids. User can make an audio, video, conference calls as required.
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  • Audio/ Video Calls
    Client can make an audio/ video call as per need and can talk to anyone from anywhere by login with his/her Email Id.
  • One to One Video Call
    User can video call with the contact added from his login Id.
  • Chat Management
    Chat is easily searchable and optionally records are maintained for future reference.
  • Manage & Control Participants
    Users and participants chats is securely managed without a worry of data being misused by third party.
  • Recording
    Recording facility is optionally controlled by Server. Only when the facility is enabled, than only user can record the calls, else all calls are encrypted and cannot be recorded.
  • Conference
    Client can do conferencing for online meetings in a secure way with Xgen Say. This calling app is suitable for online meetings, Team collaboration and information sharing.

Why Organization Need Xgen Say ?

  • No mobile number required
  • Option to choose audio/ video call
  • Create groups for conferencing
  • Chat & Call Simultaneously
  • Securely encrypted calls
  • Works with Corporate Email
  • Improve Productivity and Team Communication
  • Information Sharing
  • Call Recording
  • Flexible Communication Technology

To experience the amazing behaviour of Xgen Say, Without Sharing Phone Number. Download The Xgen Say App available on Android and iOS
Pre-launch services for exisiting and new datamail users is available.
To Know More About Xgen Say download PDF