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XgenPlus Email App Features

Mark Attendance From Anytime, Anywhere:

XgenPlus Email App is now capable to integrates with HR management and payroll system to mark attendance. This feature allows to manage employees attendance and keep track of the team especially marketing team on the field.


IDN Support:

Inorder to validate the employee check in and out the employer can track the marked attendance with the geo tracking. Also, the employee can save and share his live location to the anyone from the xgenplus email app itself.

Robust Security:

We focus on keeping your information safe & secure. Our Xgenplus App allows PIN creation that will restrict who can access the email app on your mobile device.

We also offer spam filters & powerful antivirus tools that ensure your emails are clear of threats.

secure email
IDN support

IDN Support:

Xgenplus Mail mobile App is fully IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) compliant. User can easily integrate IDN email account on the app and send and receive email over it.

Your Email Redefine With Xgenplus:

Xgenplus Mail user interface is kept light & easy going that gives a soothing experience to the user. Tap to messages to quickly display, move or archive them. Xgenplus Mail mobile puts email management at your fingertips.

Unified Interface

Check your mail for all your configured accounts from a unified interface. This includes not only your Xgenplus account, but your existing POP accounts as well.

email inbox
webmail login via app or sms

New Way TO Login WebMail via App or SMS:

Now you may login to the webmail directly through APP or SMS. If you forgot the credentials of Xgenplus Email account and has installed the app in your smartphone than you’ll directly login to your xgneplus web mail account via app. You just need to write the verification code you received in app, and here you go.

Similarly using SMS service you may send the available code to the admin and it will verify the user and allow to sign in within one minute after verification.

Manage Multiple Email Accounts Without Switching Between Accounts:

If you own more than one email account than you can easily manage your multiple email accounts with XgenPlus email app without ever switching between apps, or even accounts.

The unified inbox lets you view all emails received from multiple accounts in one view.

multiple email account setup
autosync folders

Auto Sync Emails & Folders:

Xgenplus Email app auto sync all the folders you have on your webmail account & sync their respective emails.

Search Filters:

Narrow down your search with the advanced search filter. XgenPlus Email App allows user to search email according to date, arrival, subject, sender, favorite, read/unread & attachments.

email search
feature packed

Feature Packed for Business & Professional Use:

Xgenplus Mobile App interface has been designed to break the notion that only desktop email clients can provide the power features favored by business users. Your users will find the familiar functionality of web-mail in mobile app too, blended perfectly with the convenience.

Contact Us On The Go:

We always welcome suggestions from our users as for us customer is the king. Share your suggestions or any kind of query directly to our support team.

We will be happy to assist you in all way.

contact us

Experience the ultimate ease of use with the Xgenplus mobile email app today!

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