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XgenPlus – Fast & Secure Email App

Seamlessly integrate your Xgenplus email account on Xgenplus Android/ iOS Mail App & experience a fast, intuitive & simplest way of accessing your mail while you travel to and from work.

With the Xgenplus mobile mail app, you’ll be able to receive & reply emails, access webamil from app itself, configure multiple email account, browse and manage the entire library of contacts whenever you need.

The Xgenplus email app for Android and iPhone is packed with great features that bring convenience and ease to your mobile email experience.


  • Attendence Management & Employee Tracking System
  • Group Mail
  • Support EAI & offer user names & interfaces on IDN domain names currently in 8 Indian languages
  • Login Webmail Via App
  • Customizable Display settings
  • Interaction with UI options for better readability
  • Email Receive, Delivery and Read Notifications
  • Filter or Sort Email based on date, subject, arrival, read/unread, favorite, attachments
  • Push mail using IMAP IDLE
  • Calendar Syncronization to set up meeting and check upcoming events
  • Folders Synchronization
  • The  users  should  be  able  to  search  the  entire  company contact list from their mobile devices
  • The users should have the functionality to search through their mailbox from their mobile devices.
  • The Mobile component of the messaging solution should provide the functionality to remotely wipe out all mail data from devices.
  • OTP Code without message
  • Multiple Email ID in one mailBox
  • The Quick Search to locate the desired email using keywords
  • Contacts synchronization to send Email while Composing
  • Call History folder to show call logs and recordings
  • SMS messages folder to show sent and receive messages
  • Auto Web Mail Login
  • Live Tracking of users who are using Email App
  • Suitable for all mobile devices
  • Advanced encryption security technology (TLS, SSL)
  • Attach multiple photos in mails
  • Customizable notifications to add concentration when you need it.


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