Get Fully EAI Compliant Russian Email Address

(Email Address Internationalization)

Xgenplus is breaking the communication barrier between English and Non-English speakers by providing

Russian email address

to Russian language speakers, these email addresses are fully EAI compliant. The motto behind the launch of

Russian email address

is that Russian is most widely spoken language. Russian language is member of family of Indo-European languages. It is written in Cyrillic script (Russian alphabet). Russian language is official language of 12 states, Russian is native to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and eastern Europe. Although it is Unofficial but it is most widely spoken language in Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Soviet states and Israel.

With 260 native speakers Russian is the largest native language in Europe and 8 most spoken language in the world. Not only this Russian is official one of the sixth language of United nation. The above statistics made Xgenplus to serve Russian speaking population with

Russian email address


We are empowering the people of Russia with Cyrillic Email Address services this gives the opportunity to the people who are not comfortable with the English language and would like to communicate in their own language.

Example of Russian Email address

  • поддержка@почта.рус

You can create your own email address like the above example


How To Get Russian Email Address

To get Russian Email Address fill up the contact us form on the right side of the page and send us your query. We don’t mind if it is in Russian..
If you want to get free Russian email address you can download datamail app and create your email address in Russian Script

купить емейл адрес


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