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Xgen IM- An Inbuilt Encrypted Instant MessagingFOR EVERY ORGANIZATION

Create a group &
Join a group
Manage & Control
number of participants
Multiple Chat
Group Chat One to One
Graphical Emoticons

Why You Need Xgen IM For

  • 01 Proactively communicate with your teammate and save time.
  • 02Share multimedia like audio, video and document instantly
  • 03Directly message to your colleague without any email clutter
  • 04Improve productivity and communicate with N number of employees with the group chat feature
  • 05 Secure your entire conversation

Xgen IM

When the client wants to message the user, the client clicks on the name, the user can send a message to another online user. Some character limitations for typing might be put into place, only if it is necessary.

The user must login in order to send messages to those who are online, and must be able to logout if the user wants to logout.


After the client is logged in, the client can choose to send a message, only if another client is online, check who is online, and be able to logout when the client wants to, which will be by logging out by hitting the logout button or by hitting the exit button.


When the client wants to see who is online, the client clicks the “who is online” button in the online menu, and the client can choose who to message, by double clicking the name.


When the client wants to see the chat history, the user will be able to do so. The user will be able to clear the history if the user wants to.


Block and unblock bad actors, spammers, or toxic users.


Typing signals from users writing messages in real-time.


Track the read status of messages sent to other users.


Deliver real-time updates and reach customers at the right time.


Automatically render images and videos in an easy-to-see thumbnail.


Send images, videos and structured messages using custom data.


Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions

One agent can handle any number of chat sessions at the same time. Each session runs in a separate room tab in the Agent Console. Agents can accept or ignore incoming chat request by clicking on “Accept” or “Ignore” button in the room tab.

Fast response time even on a slow connection

Only relevant information is transferred between client browser and the chat sever and only when some action by either side is required, providing for superior performance.

Receive an alert

When a visitor clicks your live chat button.

Chat live with visitors using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Visitors will see the padlock icon in their live chat browser window letting them know the conversation is encrypted.

Spell Checker

Eliminate spelling mistakes with our powerful spell checker, which automatically outlines mistakes as you type.

Canned Responses

With the click of a mouse, you can send pre-written answers to commonly asked questions.

See all visitors

Learn who your visitors are and where they came from, in real-time. Provide a personal experience to turn visitors into customers.

Match with your site design

Design of chat window can easily match corporate design of your site. It will feel as an integral part of your site.


When the client wants to see who is online, the client clicks the “who is online” button in the online menu, and the client can choose who to message, by double clicking the name.

Compelling end-user experience

Application has one of the easiest and most intuitive user interfaces ever created. Its unique set of features include rich text, image emoticons, sound effects, user selected fonts, text and avatar icons, and more.

File Transfer

It is easy for agents and visitors to attach files to conversation. Screen shots, manuals, documents and many more.

Email Chat Transcript for Visitors

Visitors may request a chat transcription sent to their email address.

Proactive Chat
High Reliability, Scalability and High Load Support
Typing Indicator

Display indication when contact is responding.

Graphical emoticons

Sometimes, one image costs thousands words.

Presence & Status

Able to view contact’s status and presence.

Want To know more about Xgen IM. Kindly Download the Xgen IM Webmail Pdf | Xgen IM Pdf

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